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Moisturising, bio-replenishing anti-wrinkle cream

TEBISKIN® Hyal is an innovative cream that improves the aesthetic features of the skin. Its functional action effectively acts on the signs of ageing, controlling the quality and quantity of Hyaluronic acid and hindering its depolymerisation (molecular breakdown). Thanks to the specific antioxidant and stimulating action of Hyaluronic acid, TEBISKIN® Hyal combines positive anti-wrinkle action with an intense moisturising action. Following application the skin looks alive, radiant and attractive.


Mode of use

Apply twice a day, morning and evening; massage gently until fully absorbed.


Mode of use

Use two-three times a day on the skin of your face; massage gently until fully absorbed.


Moisturising cream with emollient action

TEBISKIN® Idra is a moisturising and emollient cream with a deep, long-lasting effect and pronounced soothing action. A fast-absorbing light and pleasant cream that leaves skin smooth and silky.

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