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Cleansers with specific functional actions that prepare your skin for the subsequent use of Skin Care products and various medical-aesthetic and surgical procedures.

Skin Care

Technology, effectiveness, results: evolution in Skin Care.

Cutting-edge emulsions indicated to rapidly and visibly improve a number of skin conditions.


Products to improve the bio-mechanical functionality of the skin, such as elasticity and tone, and to boost the healing action of the skin.

Products for dry and very dry Skin on face and body

Products with depigmenting action, suited for reducing the visibilty of and preventing the formation of melanin Dark Spots

Anti-wrinkle products to quickly and effectively fight chronology and photo inclined signs of ageing.

Sensitive Skin

Elasticity & Tone

Dark Spots


Oily Skin

Dry Skin

Product for sensitive skin, easily irritable skin and rosacea

Products for oily skin, characterised by blemishes typical of acne-prone skin

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Liposomal serums developed in a concentrated formula to activate and enhance the functional efficacy of medical and cosmetic treatments.

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