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What does Cytoceuticals mean?

TEBISKIN® Cytoceuticals are an exclusive range of functional dermo-cosmetic products designed to maintain and improve many skin conditions. 

Effective, safe, appealing

Important results obtained with skill and patience: years of research consolidated in the development of innovative products.
A precise solution for your needs, for beautiful, healthy skin in good condition.
The scientific research method used for TEBISKIN® products was built on understanding the complex mechanisms at the base of the molecular biology of keratinocytes and fibroblasts, the main cells of the epidermis and dermis, the layers of the skin’s structure.
The functional ingredients were selected and combined based on this refined scientific foundation, capable of guiding the product’s action in the desired direction.

The result?

Effective and safe products, that improve the main aesthetic skin parameters with quickly visible functional effects.

The innovative formulas of the products are supported by Systems and Technologies developed for improved functional performance; they amplify, boost and prolong the action of the active substances contained in the formulas, taking into consideration the needs of the various skin types and various skin conditions.

The TEBISKIN Systems

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Clean&Care System

LLSE System

Long Lasting Soothing Effect System


MDM System

Melanin Down Modulation System


PWS System

Physio Water System

Serum System

Clean&Care System

A system where, thanks to specific active ingredients, cleansing, although deep and delicate, acts and expands with a precise functional activity: this particular type of cleansing begins with a targeted action and prepares the skin for the subsequent use of skin care products.

The Clean&Care System is used in all TEBISKIN® cleansers.

Synchroblok Technology
Ceramides Technology


Skin Flash App Technology

Lipifree Technology
Phospholipids Technology
Drysyst Technology
Oleosomes Technology

Synchroblock Technology

This technology was developed to hinder the absorption of lipidic substances into the skin and helps increase the protection effectiveness of ultraviolet radiation filters, keeping them on the skin’s surface.
Products with sun protection are therefore more effective and are less likely to cause irritation. 

Synchroblock Technology is featured in TEBISKIN® UV-Sooth cream.


Fragrance- and paraben-free formulas

TEBISKIN® Cytoceuticals are formulated to reduce the risk of allergies caused by certain preservatives and fragrances. 
TEBISKIN® formulas do not contain parabens, or perfumed bases, therefore reducing the possibility of the onset of allergies caused by these substances.


On your skin’s side, for its care and protection


Airless Technology​

The primary containers of TEBISKIN® Cytoceuticals are the most innovative solution in terms of the possibility of protecting the emulsions against deterioration and microbiological pollution. 
In fact,  Airless Technology  prevents the incorporation of air into the container at the time of use and the dispenser pumps make for precise and constant dosage of the product, preventing waste.


Twist&Mix Technology

Used in TEBISKIN® Boosters, this packaging technology makes it possible to maintain the stability of easily alterable ingredients in aqueous solution or emulsion (such as, for example, Vitamin C).
The powders contained in the special container are, in fact, mixed with the solutions, emulsions or serums directly at the time of use of the product.
The stability of the mixed powder remains constant for a period of approximately 10 days, the amount of time required for the use of the booster.

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